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the most talented digital artists

1. Digital Art Collective – A group of artists who specialize in creating digital art, animation, and visual effects.

2. Raf Grassetti – Known for his work on God of War and his incredibly realistic digital sculptures of popular characters.

3. Alex Ross – Known for his illustrations in comic books such as Batman: War on Crime and Marvels.

4. Aaron Sims – A concept artist and visual effects designer who has worked on movies such as Stranger Things, Ready Player One, and The Amazing Spider-Man.

5. Beeple – A digital artist who has been creating a new piece of artwork every day for over a decade and has gained a massive following for his unique style.

6. Android Jones – Known for his psychedelic and surreal digital artwork.

7. Nikita Veprikov – A artist and designer known for his futuristic and sci-fi themed illustrations.

8. Vitaly Bulgarov – A concept artist and industrial designer who has worked on movies such as Ghost in the Shell and Transformers.

9. Simon Stålenhag – A Swedish artist known for his digital paintings of sci-fi and fantasy landscapes.

10. James Jean – A versatile artist who has worked in a variety of mediums, including digital art, painting, and comic book illustration.