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Printmaking tools

1. Printing press – a large machine used to apply pressure to inked plates or blocks to transfer the image onto paper or other materials.
2. Brayer – a roller used to apply ink evenly onto a printing surface.
3. Ink – a thick, pigment-based substance used for printing.
4. Plate – a flat surface used to create an image through engraving, etching, or other processes.
5. Block – a flat surface used for relief printing, such as linocut or woodcut.
6. Carving tools – knives and gouges used to remove material from a block or plate for relief printing.
7. Lithographic stone – a flat, specially-treated stone used for lithography, a printing process where an image is applied to the stone with ink.
8. Screen – a mesh fabric stretched over a frame, used for screen printing.
9. Squeegee – a rubber tool used to apply pressure and force ink through the screen in screen printing.
10. Burnisher – a smooth tool used to polish and smooth metal plates in intaglio printing.