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Preliminary or rough draft

A preliminary or rough draft is an initial version of a written work or creative project that is created before the final version. It is typically used as a way for the creator to plan, organize, and refine their ideas, and is often a more informal and exploratory version of the final product.

The purpose of a preliminary or rough draft is to help the creator get their ideas down on paper or screen in a more streamlined and focused way. It is a way to experiment with different approaches and ideas, and to identify any issues or challenges that may need to be addressed before moving forward.

In the context of writing, a preliminary or rough draft might involve a detailed outline of the main points that will be covered in the final version, along with a rough draft of the actual text. In the context of art or design, it might involve a sketch or rough drawing that outlines the basic elements and composition of the final project.

Overall, a preliminary or rough draft is an important step in the creative process, as it allows the creator to explore and refine their ideas before investing time and effort in a final version.  

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