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holds pigment together

Pigment is a finely ground, powdered colorant that is used in art and other applications. When pigment is combined with a binder, such as gum arabic or acrylic polymer, it can be used to create a wide range of colors and effects.

The binder helps to hold the pigment together and makes it possible to apply the pigment to a surface. The binder also helps the pigment to adhere to the surface, and it can affect the color, texture, and other properties of the finished artwork.

There are many different types of binders that can be used with pigment, and the choice of binder can affect the performance and durability of the finished artwork. For example, a binder that is more water-soluble might be used for a watercolor painting, while a binder that is more resistant to fading or degradation might be used for a piece of artwork that will be displayed in a bright light.

Overall, the binder is an important component of an artwork, as it helps to hold the pigment together and provides the necessary adhesion and durability to the finished artwork.